10 Best Bitcoin Soccer Betting Sites for 2023

Unlike pro football and basketball, where the NFL and NBA are the undisputed pinnacles of the sport, there are many top-flight soccer leagues around. The English Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, and countless other competitions are among the best to wager on due to their high quality. Soccer betting is indeed legal in many parts of the United States. In 2018, the United States Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act , making sports betting legal in the United States. From there, states have had the ability to legalize sports betting on a state-by-state basis, which includes the legalization of betting on soccer.
As with any bets placed, the more risky the bet is the higher the reward. But gambling is about finding a healthy balance and ensuring you find value in the market. Parlay bets cover more of the markets, which gives the users a better chance of winning. Soccer betting was the first major mainstream sport to make it into the bookies. The long history of the sport and it’s affiliation with betting means safety, security and legality when betting are absolute. There are some phony sites out there users should be aware of, but they’re easily avoided.
Betting a healthy amount, whilst getting an above even return rate on any stake placed is the optimal way of navigating the sportsbook market. Following soccer and checking the various options are the best ways to achieve this. This means they offer great deals on odds and often cover even the most obscure sports events. With so many sites to choose from, it can be difficult to feel confident that the site you’re using is the right one.
The difference between the two numbers is called the spread, hence “spread betting”. These bets are similar to halftime bets except you also must accurately predict who will win after full time as well. It’s a bit like a parlay where you must get both parts correct to win. If แทงบอล wish to combine bets into a parlay, simply tell the person at the betting window and they will do it for you.
So, even though the actual scoreboard showed 3-0 to start the second half, the score for this wager was effectively 0-0. In soccer, this becomes unique because instead of just one spread option, you almost always have multiple alternate spreads to choose from. Based on your degree of certainty of the final score, you can make your wagers accordingly.
Regulated sportsbooks also pay out in a timely manner and you have legal recourse should something go wrong. Player props mostly consist of just the top players for each game. You can put action down on if a player is the first goalscorer, if they’ll score at any point in the game, or if they’ll score multiple goals. Beyond the standard lines, BetMGM includes a long list of props for every game. Similar to the other apps mentioned, BetMGM provides soccer bettors everything they need.
This is where you can really get into Chelsea betting or Manchester United betting. This deal is a 50-percent match up to $1000 in free play, exclusively for new sign-ups. One grand in free play is perhaps the quickest way to build a betting bankroll so it’s a good option to keep in the back pocket.
Now you know that a -120 odds mean that oddsmakers predict a 54% chance of the team winning. The higher the number following the minus, the bigger are the chances of that team winning. If so, your next step is learning about soccer odds and how to place a bet on the sport. Sync your sportsbook and analyze bet performance, view your top splits, betting trends, and compete against users on the leaderboards.